2014 Bonner Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to all of our inductees and medal recipients! We thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your school and to our school! 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees Rich Herron ’62… [ read more ]

College Financial Aid Night

Attention all seniors and parents On October 7, 2014, the Guidance Department will be hosting a college financial aid night in the Bonner&Prendie Auditorium. This seminar will lead by our guest speaker Doreen A. Corlies,… [ read more ]

Missed Your iPad Pick-Up Date?

Attention all students who didn’t get their iPad! If you missed the scheduled dates to pickup your iPad, please see the dates below to find out when the next dates are to pick up your… [ read more ]

2014-2015 Student Parking

ATTENTION ALL STUDENT DRIVERS! Any senior wishing to purchase a parking spot should pick up a Parking Permit Form in the Student Services Office on Friday September 5,2014.  The cost for a Parking Permit is $… [ read more ]

Missed Fall Sport Tryouts?

Attention all current and incoming students, this past Monday, began Bonner and Prendie’s Fall sport preseason! If you missed tryouts, for any reason, but are still interested in being a member of a team, please… [ read more ]

All School Retreat Training Sessions

August 11, 2014 Dear Students of the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017, “Hello, this is Mr. Wayock, School Minister of Bonner & Prendie.  This message is intended for the students of the classes of… [ read more ]

Mentorship Program Questionnaires

Be a part of something BIG! The student council is reviving a mentorship program, and is inviting all incoming freshmen and all current seniors to participate. If you have an interest in being a mentor… [ read more ]

Freshmen Orientation

You’re Invited! On August 28th, at 4pm, you and your parent or guardian are invited to Bonner and Prendie’s Freshmen orientation night, in the auditorium. This night will give you the opportunity to socialize with… [ read more ]

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Missed Your iPad Pick-Up Date?

Attention all students who didn’t get their iPad! If you missed the scheduled dates to pickup your iPad, please see the dates below to find out when the next dates are to pick up your… [ read more ]

iPad Replacement Charges Change

      April 2, 2014   Dear Parents and Guardians,   As of March 5, 2014, the cost to replace an iPad that has been lost due to negligence will change from $429.00 to… [ read more ]

Parent Account for B&P MyBigCampus.com

This form will be used for the sole purpose of creating parent accounts for Bonner & Prendie’s new collaborative learning tool. This tool will allow parents to see any and all assignments their son/daughter has… [ read more ]

Welcome to the homepage that YOU made possible! With the magnanimous and successful effort poured out by a caring community, it was desperately important to find just the right symbol or logo for the newly united Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School. The Delaware County community responded to preserving one of its most cherished treasures and in the process found a depth of love and admiration for a school that has served so many, so well over its nearly 60-year existence.

One of the greater challenges in creating a new entity is how to visually represent the united school as it rockets into the future and takes with it the long, time-honored traditions of its storied legacy.

Unquestionably, Bonner & Prendergast is a Family connected by Faith and Culture, whose students are leaders guided by God. In 2012 and well beyond, Bonner & Prendergast seeks to distinguish itself as a world-class, Catholic educational institution. It shall accomplish its goals by leading the Archdiocese (perhaps the state of PA) with its focus on 1:1. That is, 1:1 (pronounced “one to one”) technology, 1:1 classroom supervision, and a 1-to-1 focus on preparing young people for the ever evolving challenges of life.  A 1:1 philosophy leads to the four “Cs” (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and stronger Communication) that experts agree produces success in life.

The new Bonner & Prendergast is a blending of the best of both worlds in which two traditions are in one allowing its students to face the world as it is and preparing for the world as it can be.  The new B & P features single gender where it matters; dual gender where it is most effective. The value now for a Bonner & Prendergast student is an education that forms his/her mind, body, and spirit. The ultimate reward benefit is a good life lived; one Christ-centered and in His peace.

College Partners In Education

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